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Ray Ng is a commercial photographer based out of Denver, Colorado.   His photography business has grown over twenty years to become Denver’s foremost commercial choice in photography, placing him first among Denver, Colorado photographers

His experience and desire to meet your needs, puts Ray Ng well above the top in a wide variety of photographic situations such as: Advertising, Editorial, Commercial, Corporate Executive, Food, Industrial, People, Places, Still Life Products and Annual Reports.

Ray Ng photography has been the choice of Denver, Colorado   photographers to capture well known Denver people such as John Hickenlooper, Mayor of Denver, Denver Colorado governor, Dick Lamb, noted mutual fund managers Blaine Rawlins, Tom Marisco and Helen Hays, all of Denver, Colorado for editorial, corporate and advertising uses.

This website has been created to allow the photography of Ray Ng to speak for itself.  Each page is specifically dedicated to photographs of annual reports, corporate images, places, architecture, editorial, commercial, industry, food, products and still life.

“ The images I create come as much from what I see as what I feel.  When I photograph people, I hope to create an image that captures something of the person beyond a face.  Food photography is a delight, as I sometimes get to taste what I have photographed.  My love for travel makes shooting people and places on location a natural extension of my photography business.” 

Ray has traveled extensively across America on location shoots for corporate, editorial, industrial, life style and annual reports.  Although he most often shoots in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and New Mexico, his photography style has taken him internationally, from Canada to the Netherlands and Asia.  His scenic Colorado photography studio enables Ray Ng to photograph outstanding images of people, products, still life and head shots. 

Over the past twenty years, Ray Ng photography has built a vast library of stock photography, including advertising, editorial, commercial, corporate, food, industry, people, places, architecture, still life and products.  Ray Ng photography brings extensive experience and talent to each photography situation.  Ray’s knowledge of photography spans film and digital capabilities in both color and black & white photography. 

Working with Ray Ng is a pleasure.  His images often reflect people who are enjoying themselves because he creates a fun experience during their photo shoot and it shows.  Ray’s personality and artistic eye make him a respected and well liked photographer in Denver, Colorado and beyond.   

Ray looks at each job as an opportunity to create a thought provoking image that addresses the needs of his clients.  Price quotes for a job take into consideration the time, usage and specific photographic knowledge required to produce excellent results.  Please call Ray at Ray Ng photography for your photographic needs.  He will talk with you personally to make sure you get the images you desire.  He can be reached by calling his studio number 303-730-8844 or his cell phone number 303-748-8600. 


“I look forward to meeting you soon and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.”  


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